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Framework for the Infrastructure Sector

Risk management and inclusion strategies for the construction industry


Bottega Fertil was born out of our own experience in the agricultural industry assisting clients in sustainability and growth, as well as our desire to help grow the GDP of our home country, Puerto Rico. SEquilibre's partners have been connected to the agricultural industry in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic for over 10 years, having helped design Walmart’s “Siembra el Desarrollo del País” in 2006 and W Hotel in Vieques’ “farm to table” plan. We have designed and implemented sustainability corporate culture programs for sugar refineries and the Junta Agroempresarial Dominicana and marketing/communications plans for macadamia producers in the Dominican Republic. We began to identify particular challenges and opportunities that were not being addressed, as well as services that were needed but not readily accessible to stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain. Most importantly, we saw an urgent need for direction and innovation in the new era of agrobusiness in the Caribbean that could help farmers, distributors, retailers and investors create “fertile” and profitable roadmaps. This has become Bottega Fertil’s value proposition.  


Getting Started

  • Business planning (best scenarios from legal and marketing perspectives)

  • Internal infrastructure and technology

  • Development of corporate culture

  • Access to incentives and capital that can help clients launch or grow 

  • Walking the government roadmap and ensuring success


Business Models

  • Helping clients define or adapt their business models to be more inclusive and sustainable based on a framework of “Agriculture as a System”, with all of its challenges and opportunities. 

  • Specific methodology to ensure collaboration between partners and stakeholders along the value chain.


Corporate and Media Communications 

  • Develop communication framework, internal communication plans, storytelling and other communication tools that align company core values and established strategies.



  • Strategic alliance with Clever Media to develop strategic positioning, identity/branding and packaging, which enhances entry and growth potential for agro entrepreneurs and their products.


Distribution and Logistics

  • Connecting clients with the right partners and niche distribution channels for their products, whether locally or globally. Inclusive value chain model development.


Compliance and Traceability in the Supply Chain

  • Going beyond compliance; ensuring that processes, quality and safety, and environmental meet the highest and necessary standards for entry or connection to key distributors.


Beyond CSR Initiatives

  • Growing with a social vision. Emblematic CSR projects and inclusive value chain model development strategies for large retailers (ex. Walmart – Siembra el desarrollo del Pais).

  • Creation of “Food to Waste” culture for large distributors/retailers and farmers.


Reporting (Sustainability Memoir)

  • Global Reporting Initiative Standards. Ensuring CSR and sustainability all along the value chain; a transparency and accountability tool that allows for business and export growth.

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